Property Tax Reform

Reform should be more than just shifting furniture.  Real reform means property owners can eventually own their property.  Real reform means you know what your taxes are based on an objective measure.  Real reform means property owners have more power over tax rates.

Educational Choice


  • Public - tax payer funded
  • Education - methodology

Real accountability and real changes happen when consumers are in charge of the money flow.  School choice accomplishes this and offers a better product for all students.

Individual Liberty

Laws either restrict or compel actions.  We need a government that is far less intrusive and more open to liberty.  We need to return to the foundations of natural rights of life, liberty and pursuit of property instead of seeking government to restrict others from doing or compelling others to perform.

Political Quiz

Many people have a a hard time understanding what it means to be Libertarian because the two-party system is so ingrained that we don't often consider anything else.  Could you even consider a libertarian as a candidate?  Could you even consider that you might have libertarian leanings?  Try this test and see for yourself.

Detailed Responses to Issues

I believe that to understand the complexity of issues it will take more than just say the words reform, conservative, progressive, choice, and fair.  There has to be substance behind the ideas.  There will be more issues than the three headlined above and this section will provide details to what I think could be done along with how to get them done.  One thing for certain, these ideas will be innovative in concept and will represent real changes to governance based on the idea of individual liberty.

I will also provide details responses to the platform to include those items that I disagree with the national platform.  This might seem like an unlikely approach but the Libertarian Party encourages the individual to think and present their ideas on the stage for others to consider and not to be in a locked step approach.  THIS might just be the remedy to the idea of "draining the swamp."

The first two documents describe my views with respect to the National and Texas Libertarian Party platforms.  Future documens will cover issues in detail.

In The News

Candidate Forum (February 2, 2018)

I had the privilege of being invited to a forum concerning educational issues.  For me, a great learning experience.  More details will come under issues.